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The blog of Kate Griffin. For the last 33 years we have lived up here at the head of the Holme Valley and have not once felt any urge to move again. It has proved inspirational for me. The places where I set my stories and plays, whether it is north, south, east or west, have as much significance and potency as the characters, and since living here the landscape has had a profound effect on my writing. In the last few years, since health problems have clipped my wings I have taken up painting and much of what I paint is very local, sometimes from the house or garden. In my writing I have explored the lives, loves, passions and drama of ordinary people, often taking audiences and readers into dark and uncomfortable places and now, in my painting, I have found, using the texture of paint and the juxtaposition of colours, a new way to express my passion for the tough and gritty world that we live in.

Country Bumpkin braves the metropolis. With Zebra.

Country Bumpkin braves the metropolis. With Zebra.

Well, what happened was this: my consultants do not feel confident about making a dx of OB so I suggested sending my scans to a radiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital who has a world-wide reputation for dxing Small Airways Diseases from scans. People send him scans from all over the world.  The NSAACAAP (Not-So-Awful-Asthma-Consultant-Almost-A-Pussycat) was happy to do that.  Wrote to me a few days later to tell me that the radiologist had retired two weeks before and was I happy for the stuff to go to a Professor, expert on ILD and other fibrotic lung diseases?  So I said yes.  Three and half months passed and so I got onto NSAACAAP’s secretary and asked if a gentle nudge would be appropriate. She got back to me, re-sent all the stuff and said that if I had not “got an outpatients’ appointment” by the beginning of September to get back to her and she would chase it up.  Well, I was somewhat gobsmacked.  I really was not expecting an appointment.  But last Wednesday I had a phone call from the Prof’s secretary inviting me for an appointment at RBH on 25 September.  So I snapped her hand off and — obviously — I am going.  Really quite tricky as I am so breathless.  I am going on my own by train, taking a taxi to the BRH, and I am booked into the accommodation round the corner.  I will be seriously wiped out for seeing the Prof, but maybe that is a good thing?



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Thursday, 25 April 2019