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The blog of Kate Griffin. For the last 33 years we have lived up here at the head of the Holme Valley and have not once felt any urge to move again. It has proved inspirational for me. The places where I set my stories and plays, whether it is north, south, east or west, have as much significance and potency as the characters, and since living here the landscape has had a profound effect on my writing. In the last few years, since health problems have clipped my wings I have taken up painting and much of what I paint is very local, sometimes from the house or garden. In my writing I have explored the lives, loves, passions and drama of ordinary people, often taking audiences and readers into dark and uncomfortable places and now, in my painting, I have found, using the texture of paint and the juxtaposition of colours, a new way to express my passion for the tough and gritty world that we live in.

Dead lines... A blessing or a curse?

Dead lines... A blessing or a curse?

I have just taken a big risk. I have given myself a deadline to finish a play by the end of January.  I have invited the cast here on the afternoon of the last Sunday in January for the first read through.  Eeeekk!  How scary is that?  But also quite exhilarating. 

And now I have gone even more public by decaying it here.  There will be people who will hold me to account. 

It will have to happen now.

Medical Detective work
You cannot be serious?


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Monday, 25 March 2019